Book Types | Club Edition

Book Types | Club Edition


Here are just a few example of what we call our 'club edition' range of Green Books, take a look at each, if you would like to know more simply 'request a quote' and our team will contact you right away.


Wentworth - host of the BMW PGA Championship

Our single green per page layout shown here for Wentworth's West Course was produced for both members, amateur golfers participating in the ProAm of the 2016 BMW PGA Championship and spectators visiting throughout the event that wanted something a little more unique to remember their day.

This simple yet effective graphic illustrates the direction of fall across the green by displaying approximately 100 white arrows against a green background. The background colour varies depending on the steepness of slope at that point. For instance the darker the green the steeper the slope.

Having good information about putts which is quick and easy to read has proved to have a positive impact on the game and actually speeds up play negating the need for player to pace the hole from every direction.



Valderrama - host of the 1997 Ryder Cup

Keen to deliver visitors and members with the ultimate golfing experience, the team at Valderrama are huge fans of The Green Book. Offering something a little unique which adds value was of particular interest and certainly so when the green complexes as Valderrama can a quite tricky to say the least!

This version of our Green Book features a 2nd (top) page which is ideally suited to approach shots providing golfers with pinpoint accurate distances from the front of the green to key features around the green.

Furthermore, additional detail has been added to the main green illustration such as % fall numbers (something we usually show only on our tour books) which provide precise information of the exact steepness of a slope at that point. For example 10% = a 10mm fall in height over 1m. This really is tour level information.


Royal Aberdeen

Royal Aberdeen - host of the 2014 Scottish Open

A true test of links golf with challenging greens. Royal Aberdeen like many of our customers receive a huge number of visitors from the UK and oversees and so continually strive to find something to provide them which hasn't been seen before.

The chosen Green Book is similar in it's layout to Valderrama with it's top page displaying the information a player needs when considering an approach shot, the difference here however lies in the main green illustration.

The main green graphic does not include the % fall numbers and instead keeps a simpler view for the golfer ensuring putts are read with speed and precision.