Our Team

The Green Book Team

Passion & Dedication

We are proud to have a talented team who work tirelessly week in and week out to deliver our Green Books to players and tournaments around the world, it is their passion and dedication that keeps our Green Book at the forefront of putting technology.

Sales & Surveying

David Gregory, Ollie Reddick, Mark Magowan & Holly Aitchison are all professional golfers in their own right. Our team are regularly visiting courses around the world and carry out the surveying 3D scanning required to produce our books. Furthermore they attend tournaments providing support and advice to the players.

Graphic and Software Development

Our talented team of software developers led by Green Book founder Paul Homersham includes Mike Rainbird and Cameron Hickman. It is this team which take the raw 3D scan data and transform it into something meaningful for players to understand and use quickly and easily on the course. Whether that be professionals using our 'tournament editions' to win majors or for club golfers using our 'club editions' to save a few shots and help them play better. Our team continually strive to enhance and improve our books based on player and coach feedback.

Design and Client Managment Team

Behind every graphic we develop there lies a lot of hard work and dedication from our creative studio team led by our Creative Director Simon Pateman. He oversees a team of graphic designers and illustrators including Richard Lock, Tessa Case, Lee-Anne De Leca, Luke Reed and Amy Gray. Our client team is headed up by our Director of Golf Steve Richardson and includes Poppy Homersham, Sarah Humphries and Naomi Bird.