Wentworth West Course - Slope Edition

Wentworth West Course - Slope Edition


This Slope Edition Green Book is based on our most easy to read book, still designed for all standards of golfers but with additional slope information and 5 yard grids.

These beautifully rendered graphics show steeper slopes in dark green and have direction of fall arrows which point exactly downhill and simple contours. The book is orientated on the page so that the bottom of the page is the approach to the green from the fairway or tee and is designed to give the player a simple but accurate understanding of the slopes on the green. The 5 yard grids can be used to help locate pin positions and ball location a little more accurately and the numbers are familiar for Aim Point putting enthusiasts.

The book can be referenced on the way to the green to help get a quick understanding of main slopes even before you arrive at the green - speeding up play and helping prevent bad mis-reads.

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Please note that this previously produced Green Book does not comply with the 2019 Rules of Golf regarding the required specification for green reading materials. They may be used for reference and practice play only, NOT in the field of competition play. Please contact [email protected] to find out more about producing a 2019 compliant version.